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Elmah in the Enterprise: a 3 tier solution

Elmah is a fantastic error logging solution for ASP.NET, but it has one “feature” that can prevent its adoption in the enterprise – errors can be stored on the local drive or to a database, neither of which are working for my employer. Error details should not be stored on the web server and the web server cannot be given… Read more →

NOT using repository pattern, use the ORM as is (EF)

This was originally posted as an answer to a question on stackoverflow here IMO both the Repository abstraction and the UnitOfWork abstraction have a very valuable place in any meaningful development. People will argue about implementation details, but just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are many ways to implement an abstraction. Your question is specifically… Read more →

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

We have found many programming problems for which neither procedural nor object-oriented programming techniques are sufficient to clearly capture some of the important design decisions the program must implement. This forces the implementation of those design decisions to be scattered throughout the code, resulting in “tangled” code that is excessively difficult to develop and maintain. We present an analysis of why certain design… Read more →