Month: July 2014

Building a Func<TEntity, bool> delegate from an anonymous object

The background to this code is that I’m getting rid of Entity Framework – it’s too slow and IQueryable is so cool but ends up sucking by slowly bleeding into the code base and thereby becoming difficult to performance tune. Thanks, as always, go to my friend .NETJunkie for his remarkable post on the query pattern that has led me… Read more →

Migrating from NUnit to xUnit

These regular expression came in handy recently – they’re not perfect, in particular a couple of the second grouping need to be more greedy – but I did the migration first time through so didn’t get to improve them. Find: Assert.That((.+?), Is.EqualTo((.+?))) Replace: Assert.Equal($2, $1) Find: Assert.That((.+?) == (.+?)) Replace: Assert.Equal($2, $1) Find: Assert.That((.+?), Is.StringContaining((.+))) Replace: Assert.Contains($2, $1) Find: Assert.That((.+?).Contains((.+)))… Read more →