Month: September 2018

Software Development Principles & Patterns

Who even gives a ****? I do. My Software Development Principles Unit Testing / Test Driven Development / Behaviour Driven Development CQRS Command and Query Responsibility Separation SOLID Single Responsibility Principle Open/Closed Principle Liskov’s Substitution Principle Interface Segregation Principle Dependency Inversion Principle AOP Aspect-Oriented Programming Unit Testing A unit as the smallest testable part of an application. In object-oriented programming, a… Read more →

My take on the Daily Stand-Up

Details Meeting to last no longer than 15 minutes Schedule as early as possible each day to work for both on- and off- shore team members What we do Summarise what you’ve done since the last meeting. Summarise what you will you do before the next meeting. Summarise what is getting in your way or keeping you from doing your… Read more →

Updated Command & Query Handlers

I’ve recently updated my definitions for Query Handlers. I’ve changed the original IQuery<Tresult> to IReturn<TResult> as, for me, it better reflects the intention of the [marker] interface. public interface ICommandHandler<TCommand> { void Execute(TCommand command); } public interface IReturn<TResult> { } public interface IQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> where TQuery : IReturn<TResult> { TResult Execute(TQuery query); } Read more →