3 Little Pigs

The fable of the 3 little pigs was written using what is now known as the the rule of 3. This simple principle has been used countless times and is as effective today as it has ever been.

We are not limited to two polar opposites when developing software: quick to write; hard to change or slow to write; easy to change. These choices are akin to the houses of straw and wood in the fable. Writing code without unit tests is not the same as writing code that cannot be unit tested.

Storytellers have differing views on guiding principles but guiding principles they have. And stories written within these conceptual frameworks can still be unique, rich and varied.

By adopting a handful of software development principles we can learn to build software that is quick to write, easy to change and fast to deploy: and that pesky wolf can huff and puff all he likes.

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