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Preventing Automatic Restart for Windows Updates on Windows 8

To prevent Windows 8 automatic restart for Windows updates, administrators must follow the steps given as below: 1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with the account that has elevated privileges. 2. Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to view the desktop. 3. On the desktop screen, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to initiate the Run command… Read more →

markdown in WordPress – AT LAST!!!!!

Here’s some normal text interspersed with some Code, some italics and bold. a quote some sql select a.FILEID, [FILE_SIZE_MB] = convert(decimal(12,2),round(a.size/128.000,2)), [SPACE_USED_MB] = convert(decimal(12,2),round(fileproperty(,’SpaceUsed’)/128.000,2)), [FREE_SPACE_MB] = convert(decimal(12,2),round((a.size-fileproperty(,’SpaceUsed’))/128.000,2)) , NAME = left(a.NAME,15), FILENAME = left(a.FILENAME,30) from dbo.sysfiles a some code [TestFixture] public class ScrewdriverTests { [Test] public void Container_ExplicitRegistration1_ReturnsExpectedClass() { Container container = new Container(); container.Register(typeof(IScrewdriver<FlatHead>), typeof(FlatHeadScrewdriver)); var screwdriver = container.GetInstance(typeof(IScrewdriver<FlatHead>));… Read more →

Migrate from wordpress to use google prettify insert option from comments with defer in the header Read more →

backing up wordpress

Ignore the original post as it doesn’t seem to work on a Windows host. BackupWordPress works fine …   backing up wordpress Backing up your WordPress install / Adding a WordPress Backup plugin Using the left side menu, hover over plugins, then click add new. Using the search function, search for “WordPress SQL Backup“ You should now see your… Read more →